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    SLG SpeedNet

    Bringing affordable Internet to rural India.

About Us

SLG SpeedNet™ is the fastest growing internet service provider offering High Speed Broadband. At the core of our mission is to provide value to our customers. We strive to do this every day by offering high-quality communication and entertainment services and continually improving customer care through the commitment of our high efficient employees.

SLG SpeedNet™ is proud to offer advanced communication and entertainment services that “Bring Your Home to Life”. Our high-speed internet connection with speeds up to 10Mbps comes with a free Internet Security Suite to protect our customers against online threats and intrusions.

We constantly strive to improve every aspect of our customers’ experience. In order to accomplish this, we employ efficient customer care agents, use latest technology in our call centers, and provide enhanced training to our agents to better serve our customers. We’ve equipped our field technicians with additional tools and resources, shortened customer appointment windows, and we provide an on-time arrival guarantee. We are always available to assist customers quickly and efficiently by phone, via online chat, and through interaction on social media.


Why us!

Why to choose us

We talk technology, we walk technology, we live technology and so we are called technology freaks. We built (and keep on building) one of the best infrastructure to provide you uninterrupted services.

We accomplish our commitment to Quality and On-Time Delivery by applying the passion and pride of a highly motivated, trained and committed workforce to the customers.

Our Consulting Services is a specialized team with a specific focus on Broadband, Leased Lines and Internet Leased Lines etc..

Leveraging our knowledge of your business, we’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology. There’s tremendous value in designing innovative products that match your needs, function the way you operate, and incorporate the work flows you prefer..

We provide effective solutions that allow you to achieve your business goals and measurable benefits. We focus on a clear partnership, we are investing in innovative solutions and unique expertises.

We provide our services at the lowest cost possible by utilizing our in house architecture coupled with carefully chosen software. We strive to keep our operating costs low so we can deliver quality services at very reasonable prices.

Without backbone, no one can stand and using others backbone we can’t stand. So we built our own on mutiple backbones. It’s so reliable and redundant that it won’t fail even during natural disaters